I wanna take you home but your friends won't let ya.


Katya Nowoslicov


I’ve never loved anyone, anyone, the way that I love you.

I knew I had fallen in love with you when they asked me why I loved you so much and I couldn’t explain the reason in one word. But deep down I knew. I knew that every day that passed by I was falling more and more for you. I was falling for your dark brown eyes and your pure smile. For the way, you would touch my hair and my body. For your soft and gentle kisses. For your way of showing me that you would always care for me no matter what. For the way you would hug me so tight like you didn’t want to say goodbye. For the way, you would make me feel safe and like home by holding my hand and kissing my forehead. For our inside jokes that only we can understand. For the silly faces you would make in order to make me smile when I was sad. The list of the things that make me love you will never end and I think that’s the reason why I love you and will always do.


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Spowodu tego, że ps zostanie skasowane zostawiam link jeśli ktoś by chciał utrzymać kontakt: link 1, link 2. (linkt drugi przeniesie cię na Poszkole 2.0 nową stronę założoną przez Adrian 'Anon' Molenda)




Reneésme "Warrior" Salvatoré

[ 21 year old  —  Killingworth  —   ]




Lay out the parts that make you feel ugly, that make you like running away from yourself. Lay out the oddness in you and the scars from previous and ongoing battles. Lay them all out one by one and watch me. Watch me as I drown them in my love. Watch me as I love each and every part of you. Watch me as I love all the things that makes you, you.






As I sit by the window, I listen to the sound of the rain beating a solemn tattoo on the rooftop of empty homes that shelter shattered dreams. I listen as my heart beats to the rhythm, my soul dances to the beat. And for once in that moment, I have forgotten what pain feels like. In that small moment, I have found myself.




Wiadomość prywatna.

| 29 10 2017 | ♥ tylko ty, nie chce Cię stracić.

she deserved to be happy. | info na stronie.
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